Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayPal?

-PayPal is a secure means by which an individual can use a credit card to make purchases on the internet. Countless websites utilize this secure means of credit card and e-check payment throughout the world. Ebay also exclusively utilizes Pay Pal as its accepted payment method. For more information, visit the website: PayPal

How do I order via mail?

-Simply go through the check out process like you are ordering via the website. Before you are required to pay, you will see your total cost and your shipping cost. Print the page and mail it along with a check or money order for that ammount to:


PO BOX 26826


We will ship your order as soon as we receive the payment!!

Is it safe to purchase products on the PHOENIX SPORTS AND GAMES website?

-We are proud to use PayPal as our means of payment. As such, you can feel very confident that your information will be protected by the most sophisticated and up-to-date security software on the internet. For more information on credit card security visit

Why should I buy a Table Hockey Game from PHOENIX SPORTS AND GAMES?

- STIGA Table Hockey Games are the only officially licensed Table Hockey Game of the NHL. STIGA Playoff Table Hockey is the game used in the World Championships year in and year out.

-All NHL and SHL teams are hand painted and include two right handed players and three left handed players. The players are 3-dimensional and are very easily interchangeable.

- All games come with legs to lift the game off the table, real plexiglass for behind the goals, puck ejectors, manual goal counters, and include two teams. (NHL comes with Detroit and Toronto, and Play Off comes with Sweden and Finland)

- All games are inspected to insure that you get a game that is 100% functional.

- We carry replacement parts for the games, and every part of the game is replaceable.

What are the dimensions of the Table Hockey Games?

- 37" Long, 19.75" Wide, and 3.25" High.

- The playing surface is slightly smaller.

- Additionally, we are a company that really appreciates a variety of sports and hobbies. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a Phoenix Sports and Games employee is the fact that we get to provide products that we in fact play in our own homes!

- We also believe that in the world of video games and computers, it is important to remain rooted in many of the games that have been staples of fun and entertainment for years and years. And here at Phoenix Sports and Games, we intend to keep it that way.